Buscount – Live bus countdown for London

Buscount is one of a series of Apps that makes use of  Transport for London’s live bus countdown timer. If you live in London, it is an absolute godsend – I just cannot stress enough how much such an App can improve your life. It’s that ability to know the live status and time of arrival of  the busses at a particular bus stop that really makes having a smartphone not just a gadget but essential. No, longer do you have to stand on a cold rainy night not knowing how long you have to wait for the next bus. Obviously, it can’t make the bus come any quicker, but now at least you are empowered to make a decision: Wait? Take another Bus? Walk?

The App itself is fairly simple. Start it and you can choose to search for stops near you or type the name of a stop. You also can save stops to your favourites list for quick access. Once you have found your stop, a list of the next few busses is presented with the time in minutes until arrival, The app isn’t particularly dynamic, to update times you must click the “Refresh” button, but it is a small priceto pay for such greatly appreciated help.

Buscount showing bus countdown

Bus Countdown


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